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Eyebrows – Plucking and Penciling [Makeup Lesson Series]

Eyebrows probably give more character to a face than any other feature. By changing your brow shape you can give your face a totally new look.

Happily the natural thicker eyebrow is more acceptable today than the harsh plucked arch of recent years. Here are some makeup tips for beautiful eyebrows:

  • Never try to completely reshape brows. Always follow their natural line, and pluck only if necessary to give a better shape.
  • Pluck from underneath, but don’t be afraid occasionally to pluck a few strays from the top if they are growing wild.
  • Always use a slant-edged eyebrow tweezers – it is easier to work with.
  • If you pluck brows after a shower or bath you will find that it does not hurt so much and the hairs come out easily.
  • If you draw blood, apply a tiny bit of antiseptic lotion with a cotton-wool bud.
  • If your eyebrows have suffered from a surfeit of overzealous plucking and consequently won’t grow back, you can fill in tiny bald patches where necessary with delicate fine lines, drawn with a very sharp pencil.
  • Don’t draw an eyebrow in one arched stroke. Use light, feathery strokes that look like hairs.
  • If you have very full brows, brush a little Vaseline on them to keep them glossy.
  • If brows are very heavy and black you may lighten them by bleaching. It is wise to have this done professionally unless you have a very steady hand.
  • Never color brows more than two or three shades darker than your natural hair. This is particularly true for blonds who do not look good with heavy dark eyebrows.

Changing Shapes – Makeup tips for different face type [Makeup Lesson Series]

Cosmetics are the greatest boon to womankind and have been in use for many thousands of years. From the ancient Egyptians with their whipped ostrich eggs and crocodile oil, through the thick lead paint and crushed roots of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the present day, cosmetic technology has improved one thousand fold.

No matter which makeup brand that you buy, be it expensive or cheap, you need a good makeup skill to bring out the best result. We will be posting up a series of makeup lessons. For today, let’s start with the first lesson – Changing Shapes. (more…)

10 useful tips for make-up

Here are 10 very useful make up tips that will sure come in handy. Enjoy reading and experiment with them.

  1. If you want a healthy look, use brownish blusher on your cheekbones and in the center of your forehead, under the chin and at the edges of your hairline. Blend carefully so there are no ‘tide marks’. (more…)

Benefits of Purity Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup has become the rage of skin care community in recent years. It is known that conventional cosmetics contain chemical that are harmful to our skin. Some are skin cancer causing agent. That has shifted consumers tremendously towards mineral, natural or organic makeup.

Purity Mineral Makeup is one of the well known and trusted mineral makeup brand. (more…)

What Are Luminess Reviews Saying?

Have you come across the latest cosmetics that is getting so much attention lately? Luminess Air – the sophisticated make up product that enables you at home to easily and professionally obtain the flawless air brushed look. You can look just like the face cover of fashion magazines. The perfect beautiful look is no longer a dream once you use the Luminess Air system. Do you want to find out more what most Luminess reviews are saying? Is this product really that good? (more…)

Should you try out Luminess Makeup?

Luminess Airbrush System 30-day trial

Luminess air brush which is the essence of Luminess makeup system is a recently launched cosmetic product. You will be amazed by what this makeup product can do for you. A lot of us including myself dream of having the flawless beautiful face like those of the Hollywood stars. With Luminess air brush system, it is no longer just a dream. (more…)

Luminess Air Covers Acnes Extremely Well [How-To Video Series]

I found this video when I was browsing around for more tips on how to use the Luminess Air effectively, especially on the problem of covering up acnes to achieve the flawless beauty look. I find the steps showed in this video to be very handy indeed. Follow this video for instructions on how to use Luminess Air to cover blemishes on your face. (more…)

What Is the Luminess Airbrush System?

When you are at work in your office, or strolling at the shopping mall or even on the street, do you wonder why some people can appear to look so beautiful and perfect at all time? Or do you wonder how the face on cover magazines can always look so absolutely beautiful? Most of them, or I should say almost all of them, are not due to their natural flawless skin. These are all the result of makeup, especially makeup applied by the professionals. (more…)

Benefits of the Luminess Air System

The Luminess air system is truly an amazing makeup system that can have you attain the timeless beauty, all by applying it yourself. We do not need to spend big sum of money on professional makeup artists to do it for you. Do you dream of having the look of your favorite Hollywood stars? All of them use an airbrush, however of course they pay highly for professionals to apply it for them. Now, imagine if you could have those same equipments at your finger tips and do it on your own. (more…)

What Can The Luminess Airbrush Do for You?

Do you know that there is a new unique cosmetic product out there in the market that can turn you into Hollywood stars? Did it cross your mind that how all the front cover magazines figures can appear to look so perfectly beautiful? With no black spots, wrinkles lines, aging signs, acnes, or any other skin flaws? Are their appearance truly so flawlessly beautiful? (more…)

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