Changing Shapes – Makeup tips for different face type [Makeup Lesson Series]

Cosmetics are the greatest boon to womankind and have been in use for many thousands of years. From the ancient Egyptians with their whipped ostrich eggs and crocodile oil, through the thick lead paint and crushed roots of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the present day, cosmetic technology has improved one thousand fold.

No matter which makeup brand that you buy, be it expensive or cheap, you need a good makeup skill to bring out the best result. We will be posting up a series of makeup lessons. For today, let’s start with the first lesson – Changing Shapes.

There are four basic face shapes: long, round, oval and square. These shapes can be emphasized or softened by the skillful use of blusher.

The instructions opposite for using blusher to maximum advantage are based on face shape. To do any of them, you need to locate the cushion formed by your cheek when you smile. Place blush in relation to cushion – above or below, whatever is indicated for your face shape. Be sure to blend the blusher very carefully.

Round face – Apply blusher right on cheek cushion; blend with fingertips. Don’t let blush go towards the hairline – keep color focus near centre of face.

Oval face – Apply blusher to cheek cushion; extend it up and into temples. Blend carefully.

Square face – Start color on top of cheek cushion, then follow along highest part of cheek bone taking blusher not quite to temple line.

Long face – Apply blusher behind the cheek cushion and up to the temples in the shape indicated. Blend gradually.

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