Avoid some bad habits can do wonders to your skin

  1. Don’t frown or squint or raise your eyebrows. Although wrinkles, like Christmas, will eventually arrive, you can prevent the ones on the forehead by frowning as little as possible. You can always see the difference on the foreheads of those who frown and those who don’t.
  2. Don’t stretch your face by pulling or tugging at it; leave it alone, except for skin care and make-up.
  3. Be particularly careful about applying make-up under the eyes, the most sensitive area. Dot your make-up on gently.
  4. Try to sleep without a pillow. The indentations in your face the next morning from that comfy feather pillow could become permanent.

Skin reflects your mental and physical health more than any other part of your body, so you should give it particular care. And make-up, however skillfully applied, cannot hide the signs of stress on your face or the fact that you’ve been over-indulging in booze, cream buns or late nights. Do so if you must – but in moderation.

What about good habits?

Of course at the same time, you need to sprinkle in some good habits too. Here are 3 critical ones.

  1. Do not smoke. Quite apart from all the other serious effects smoking has on your health, studies of regular smokers have shown that the skin of their faces looks older and more lined than the skin on non-smokers of the same age.
  2. Be sure you have enough sleep. Chronic tiredness is very ageing.
  3. Use a moisturizing preparation daily. Choose a preparation suitable for your age range and your skin type, and remember that you will need to change this preparation as you get older.

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