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Avoid some bad habits can do wonders to your skin

  1. Don’t frown or squint or raise your eyebrows. Although wrinkles, like Christmas, will eventually arrive, you can prevent the ones on the forehead by frowning as little as possible. You can always see the difference on the foreheads of those who frown and those who don’t.
  2. Don’t stretch your face by pulling or tugging at it; leave it alone, except for skin care and make-up.
  3. Be particularly careful about applying make-up under the eyes, the most sensitive area. Dot your make-up on gently. (more…)

What to look for when purchasing moisturizer?

A major category of skin care cosmetics are moisturizers and nourishing preparations. There is a wide range of both products and of prices.

Moisturizers are valuable for all skin types. The keratinocytes of the epidermis have a high water content, but a modern environment in a centrally heated office or home means that moisture is continually being drawn out of the skin. If the keratinocytes lose some of their water content, small lines appear on the skin and it loses its youthful bloom. Most skins look better and feel more comfortable if a moisturizer is applied in the morning after washing the face. In some dry environments this may need to be re-applied at lunch time. (more…)

Healthy Dinner food for Beautiful Skin [Part 3 of 3]

Before you read further, you may want to check out on the morning and afternoon food for beautiful skin:

For dinner time, what is your favorite food? Are they healthy food for a healthy diet? Dinner is for most of us the big meal of the day, perhaps a family gathering or sometimes a social occasion. You may find it hard to deprive yourself while everyone else gets stuck into the chips, but if you start thinking of eating for energy, vitality and health rather than of dieting, and begin to see the results in your own body, you will soon be able to resist such temptations. (more…)

The soap and water controversy – looking after your skin

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the skin is the barometer of one’s mental and physical health.

The most beautiful thing about a new baby is her skin – fresh, moist, firm, perfect. We take the utmost care with a baby’s skin. We pamper it with oils, lotions and powders, with special soaps and creams. We lavish care and attention on every crack and crevice of the beautiful babe and what happens? Then, when she gets older, we no longer do the same.  A good scrub with hard soap and water morning and night and lots of hot baths, is the way to go, at least that is what we think. Sadly, it is far from the truth. Can we use soap and water on our face daily? (more…)

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