Important Tips for Eye Care

By the time you are twenty-five, little lines and wrinkles begin to appear around your eyes. Sometimes they are caused by too much sun, sometimes by dryness.

The tissue around the eyes is different from the skin on the rest of your face; it is thinner and drier and therefore more prone to wrinkling and sagging, so an eye-care product has to be more emollient. The skin around the eyes also benefits from a high concentration of the soluble protein collagen.

There are excellent eye-care products on the market, but while you are looking for the one that suits you, best you can use Vaseline. If you are tight on budget, Vaseline is a good choice – it is good for the lashes too, and cheap.

Never manipulate the skin around the eyes, as it stretches very easily. If you apply make-up or cover stick under the eyes be extremely careful not to stretch the skin, and when you powder do so with a fine mist only.

For circles and puffiness under the eyes – Soak cotton-wool pads in cold witch hazel, lie down and place on your eyes. Leave for 15 minutes.

For exhausted eyes – Lie down for 15 minutes with one of the following on your eyes: witch hazel (as above), cold tea bags (drink the tea first J),slices of fresh cucumber.

For lined eyes – Soak cotton-wool pads in warm almond oil and leave on as long as you can all night if possible (keep in place with an eye mask). A good temporary remover for fine lines is egg white, brushed gently underneath the eyes in a thin film. Apply make-up over this when dry. When removing, use lots of cream as egg whites are quite drying. This is good for a special occasion or party effect, but should not be overdone.

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