Lauren Hutton Makeup Face Disc

Lauren Hutton’s Face Disc

Lauren Hutton Makeup Face disk is a collection of major facial make up any trendy lady who wants to bring out beauty glamour out of her has to acquire.  In case you fail to purchase make up since you lack time to go looking for different facial make up products, this package comes with all the basic products required in making your face look smart. Examples of products you will get here include under eye concealer, lip balm, eye shadow and eyeliner among others.

Update: There is a 30-day trial now. Click here to grab it!

Lauren Hutton Face Disc requires the user to apply a little bit of skills before you start getting results but it works. You only require highlighting the correct places to open up eyes, look younger and also create colors that are not there.

Lauren Hutton makeup key features:

  • Contains a number of the basic facial makeup features and hence you don’t have to keep hassling to acquire each at a time.
  • The make up has ability of hiding your facial flaws while enhancing your beauty hence bringing out your glamour.
  • The make up can help you in looking younger hence increasing your self confidence.
  • The package comes with 7 brushes and a carrying case that enhances portability of the make up. The brushes can be used in application of other make ups too.
  • Fold out instruction manual brochure and face disk instructional DVD that will help in guiding users of the make ups in correct application.
  • The make up package is characterized by light pigment making it suitable for use by the elderly.
  • Offers 30-day trial for only $29.95 with money back guarantee.

Buy now while the trial offer still last.

Who is the Lauren Hutton Face Disc best for?

This make is generally suitable for the elderly. Nonetheless, even the young can use it since it will still help in bringing out glamour in them.

The Good
  • Suitable for both old and young skins
  • Allows the skin to breath since they are light pigmented
  • The package has all the basic make up a woman needs all in one
The Bad
  • The make up lacks comprehensive skin care products such as sunscreen.

Lauren Hutton Face Disc is however suitable for the elderly. Conventional makeup has strong pigment that makes the elderly look like painted dolls. This will help in bringing out your glamour without frustrating you.

If you are interested to buy, make sure you grab the 30-day trial through this link.

Lauren Hutton makeup reviews from current owners:

By Christina C. from CA,

I like this product. It has helped me look younger. The brushes are convenient to use. In addition, you cannot exceed the recommended amount.

By Carol F. from MI,

I was in search of a modern casual look with no exaggerated facial make up but will make me complete. I found that in Face disk. It is complete and portable.

Reviews summarized. Read original reviews here.

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