No No Hair Removal Reviews

No No Hair Removal Reviews

The No No 8800 is a painless solution of professional and long-term removal of hair at home. The term no! no! implies `no hair’ and `no pain’.  The device has highly impressed the skin removal market place. It uses Thermicon technology. This technology makes use of a type of wire called the thermodynamic which helps in transmission of certain amount of heat to individual hair.

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The first stage involves using a superheated wire in separating the hair shaft where the wire meets the hair. During this process, follicle of the hair gets crystallized. The impacted hair will turn rough. In both of these stages, the hair together with its cell below will get destroyed.  Following this will be the disruption stage where destruction of communication in between the hair and its roots will take place. This will result in reduced hair growing as well as permanently stop hair growing.

Let’s take a look at No No hair remover key features:

  • The device uses thermicon technology that allows painless removal of unwanted hair.
  • The device destroys hair and cell underneath resulting to permanent decrease in hair growth.
  • It has a buff with it which assists in softening the skin right after thermodynamic treatment.
  • The device provides a better hair elimination and hence you will need to perform the exercise less frequently when compared to other strategies like using razors.
  • No No 8800 hair removal is small and hence provides the required portability.
  • You are allowed a 60 days trial with full money back guarantee so that you can try out the device and decide whether it is suitable for you before you get committed.

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Who is the No No 8800 hair removal suitable for?

No No reviews have been pointing out the device is best used by those that have sensitive skin. This hair remover is delicate towards the skin, thus it does not leave it dry after removing the hair. In addition, if you are someone with rapid hair growth, then you definitely need to consider this incredible device.

Many people are asking; does No No hair remover work? The simple answer is Yes. Clients who have been using this device have reported excellent performance.

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No No hair removal reviews:

By P. Mcpherson from Kansas,

I have used it for over 4 weeks on arms, legs and face. It is simply awesome. No pain, or rashes or any injuries. It feels smooth. I can’t do without it anymore.

By Miss Fix it,

I ordered mine last week. The buzzing sound is quite scary but is not bothering me. The smell of the burning hair is slightly irritating but not that bad since it removed all the hair from the leg in a single rub.  It really works. I will continue to try and master this device.

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