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Important Tips for Eye Care

By the time you are twenty-five, little lines and wrinkles begin to appear around your eyes. Sometimes they are caused by too much sun, sometimes by dryness.

The tissue around the eyes is different from the skin on the rest of your face; it is thinner and drier and therefore more prone to wrinkling and sagging, so an eye-care product has to be more emollient. The skin around the eyes also benefits from a high concentration of the soluble protein collagen. (more…)

Avoid some bad habits can do wonders to your skin

  1. Don’t frown or squint or raise your eyebrows. Although wrinkles, like Christmas, will eventually arrive, you can prevent the ones on the forehead by frowning as little as possible. You can always see the difference on the foreheads of those who frown and those who don’t.
  2. Don’t stretch your face by pulling or tugging at it; leave it alone, except for skin care and make-up.
  3. Be particularly careful about applying make-up under the eyes, the most sensitive area. Dot your make-up on gently. (more…)

Instructions on how to perform and enjoy a home facial

Step 1: Cleaning

Clean your face with make-up remover or lotion, massaging it on your skin for five minutes then removing it gently with cotton wool.

Step 2: Steam your face.

Take a pot of boiling water and place it on a hotplate on a low table. Sitting in front of the steaming pot, take a large towel and make a tent over your head. Holding the edge of the towel about six inches in front of your forehead, lean over the pot, but keep at least one foot away – if you get too close you can burn your skin or come out looking a bit lobsterish. After ten minutes pat your face dry.

Step 3: Apply a mask.

You can use either a proprietary brand or a natural home-made one. After ten minutes, remove the mask with damp cotton-wool balls. Try not to talk or move your face while the mask is on. Spray your face all over with a fine mist of Evian water or dab with damp cotton wool. Gently pat your skin dry.

Step 4: Apply moisturizer.

Lastly, apply a light moisturizer. If possible, do not apply make-up for several hours after your facial. Let your skin breathe.

Some tips for winter skin care

We often forget that cold weather can be just as harmful to the skin as the burning rays of the sun. Protect lips and under eyes with a chap stick and under-eye cream. The tissue around the eyes is extremely vulnerable, and usually the place where lines first appear. I have even seen ten year olds with lines under their eyes, and I’m sure it wasn’t from too much television.

Always protect against the drying effects of wind with a strong barrier cream or moisturizer, and apply these under make-up too. You should always wear sunglasses in very bright wintry sunlight and especially in snow. Squint lines occur just as much from the reflection of snow as they do from sand and water.

What to look for when purchasing moisturizer?

A major category of skin care cosmetics are moisturizers and nourishing preparations. There is a wide range of both products and of prices.

Moisturizers are valuable for all skin types. The keratinocytes of the epidermis have a high water content, but a modern environment in a centrally heated office or home means that moisture is continually being drawn out of the skin. If the keratinocytes lose some of their water content, small lines appear on the skin and it loses its youthful bloom. Most skins look better and feel more comfortable if a moisturizer is applied in the morning after washing the face. In some dry environments this may need to be re-applied at lunch time. (more…)

Proactiv Reviews – Your Acne Problem Solver

Proactiv solutionDue to the hustle bustle of our daily lives, our skin is the one taking its toll. Maybe you are looking for ways on how you can get rid of acne so that you can have a fair skin. Maybe you already have heard of ProActiv but you are too doubtful to try it. What you need to know then are basic facts about this product. Through based on the Proactive reviews I am providing below, you can decipher whether or not, Proactiv will be effective for you. So, here it goes…

ProActiv Solution is one of the most commonly used acne treatment solutions in the market. It is endorsed by various celebrities. The makers of Proactiv, Dr. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, claims that this is the answer to your acne problem. Regardless of the type of your skin, your age or the intensity of your acne, it can solve it for you!

How Does Proactiv Work?

Proactiv Solutions works by unclogging skin pores and destroying any bacteria that are hiding deep in your pores. As you can derive from its name, Proactiv ‘proactively’ stops acne by treating it right before it breaks out. It is the perfect combination of skin care agents and medicines mixed with the right concentrations to effectively stop acne breakouts. This is because it is hard to remove all the blemishes once breakouts occur. This is why this acne solution acts as your prevention to any possible breakouts.

This acne treatment system works in 3 steps – Renew, Revitalize and Repair. In these three steps, there are different products which you can use to achieve acne-free skin.

  • RENEW. In this stage, you will use a medicated skin cleanser packed with benzoyl peroxide. This are made with micro-crystal particles which can penetrate through your pores, killing bacteria and removing dirt.
  • REVITALIZE. An alcohol-free toner which will give you a nourished, soft and fresh skin by removing any impurities or excess oil.
  • REPAIR. A feather-light medicated lotion that is designed to deeply unclog any of your clogged pores, resulting to a cleaner and fresher skin.

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Various Proactiv products

Aside from the products which you can find in the basic acne treatment package, there are also other additional products which helps support and maintain your now cleaner, smoother and acne-free skin.

Proactiv Refining mask

A therapeutic clay face mask is made to soothe and comfort any irritations and to prevent further breakouts from occurring. This does not only give you blemish-free skin but a radiant glow as well. It also acts as an emergency pimple treatment as it can get rid of blemishes overnight with just one dab.

Proactiv Body Wash

A deep-cleansing body wash which promises a blemish-free body skin. You do not have to worry about having acne on your chest, shoulders or back anymore! It also has micro beads which exfoliates dead cells, leaving your skin clean and soft.

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Tips for taking care of your hair while shampooing

Below are important shampooing tips:

Before you shampoo, always comb your hair to separate snarls and tangles and to get rid of some of the dirt and hair spray. Never try to pull snarls with a brush or comb when the hair is wet, as this will cause breakage. Hair is slightly elastic and stretches when it is wet, so that when it dries it can snap like a twig. (more…)

Do It Yourself Hair Treatments

Below are a few old recipes for hair treatments that you can do it all by yourself at home. Escape from the expensive hair treatment at saloon and also free yourself from the harmful chemicals in commercial hair treatment solutions.

For smoothing out frizzy hair

This is a very old recipe. It doesn’t straighten the hair, but it does smooth down the scales of the hair shaft, making the hair shinier and more manageable.

Make a thin paste (the consistency of cake batter) from a cup of flour and approximately two-thirds of a cup of cold water. Mix until all lumps have disappeared. Apply to dry, un-washed hair, smoothing the hair straight back. Leave for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly. It will take about 5 minutes to rinse all the flour out. Now shampoo hair once with very mild shampoo.

A conditioner for very dry hair

Warm 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Massage thoroughly into the hair and scalp. Wrap a very hot damp towel around the head for 20 minutes, and then shampoo twice. This will give a shiny gloss to the hair.

Healthy Dinner food for Beautiful Skin [Part 3 of 3]

Before you read further, you may want to check out on the morning and afternoon food for beautiful skin:

For dinner time, what is your favorite food? Are they healthy food for a healthy diet? Dinner is for most of us the big meal of the day, perhaps a family gathering or sometimes a social occasion. You may find it hard to deprive yourself while everyone else gets stuck into the chips, but if you start thinking of eating for energy, vitality and health rather than of dieting, and begin to see the results in your own body, you will soon be able to resist such temptations. (more…)

Healthy Afternoon food for Beautiful Skin [Part 2 of 3]

If you have read the Part 1 of A healthy day food for beautiful skin which covers the healthy morning food, then you would certainly be looking forward to find out what is the healthy afternoon food.

Let’s get started straight away. After your morning breakfast, probably by around 11am you are feeling puckish and heading for the biscuits, doughnuts and a nice cup of coffee. Try instead a hard-boiled egg, a piece of cheese, and apple or a banana (contains iron and is actually lower in calories than two biscuits). (more…)

A Healthy Day Food to Healthy Skin – Morning [Part 1 of 3]

You don’t have to be rich to be beautiful. I’ve heard the old moan many times – It’s easy for the rich to look good. They can afford the right kind of food or special exercise. But the right kind of food needed to get your body in shape is considerably less expensive than the wrong kind of food, (more…)

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