A Healthy Day Food to Healthy Skin – Morning [Part 1 of 3]

You don’t have to be rich to be beautiful. I’ve heard the old moan many times – It’s easy for the rich to look good. They can afford the right kind of food or special exercise. But the right kind of food needed to get your body in shape is considerably less expensive than the wrong kind of food, by which I mean pre-packaged, frozen, convenience foods extensively advertised on television that seem to form the bulk of the average person’s intake. Two oranges are cheaper than a packet of biscuits, plus supplying much of the Vitamin C you need for a day.

Start with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Whole wheat or wholegrain bread is only slightly more expensive than white bread, which has about as much nutritional value as a slice of cardboard. Refined to the point of nutritional non-existence, it gives you nothing your body needs, merely staving off hunger pains, building calories and generating no energy.

Margarine is cheaper than butter and infinitely better for you because it is not animal fat. Butter, which is very heavy in cholesterol, is something you should try to cut out of your diet as much as possible.

Honey has more natural sweetness and more goodness than the supermarket jams, which are full of preservatives and artificial coloring.

So that’s your breakfast, with a cup of tea or de-caffeinated coffee – and if you must have sugar, don’t take the white kind. Again, it is totally useless nutritionally. Use honey, or if your sweet tooth cannot be soothed with anything else, take the heavy brown unrefined sugar. I don’t believe in sweeteners such as saccharine and saxin – the fewer additives and foreign substances you take the better. These substances remain in the body for some time, and. although it has not yet been proven what accumulative damage they may cause, I believe that any foreign substance in the body is eventually poisonous to the system.

Therefore, make sure you take nutritious food but not expensive food. Check back for Part 2 on healthy afternoon food for beautiful skin.

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