Acne skin problem and cure

Skin problems – blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, spots – all begin in either the oil ducts or hair follicles. Each hair follicle is served by a sebaceous gland which pumps oil (or sebum) straight on to the surface of the skin. Problems usually start in the early teenage years when the oil glands get bigger and also start working harder, events triggered by the body’s manufacture of hormones. If too much sebum is secreted the hair follicle gets blocked, the normal healthy bacteria which we have on our skin all the time turn nasty, and the acne-producing bacteria which in normal conditions are dormant, break down the sebum to fatty acids which cause inflammation. Trouble begins to show outwardly in the form of a spot if the infection breaks through the follicle wall and destroys surrounding tissue.

Many women and girls have some kind of low-grade acne condition, with blackheads and some occasional spots. Acne can start at any age between puberty and menopause – we don’t know why. Women in their twenties and thirties respond to the same treatment as teenagers. If you have a tendency to acne, don’t use a moisturizer, or if you must, use only a very light liquid type. Anything you put on your skin can plug up the pores and cause blackheads, so if you break out in spots don’t put grease or creams on your face and use make-up with as little oil in it as possible. You can’t prevent break-outs but you can minimize the problems.

Cures for acne skin problems
There are some excellent products available for spots, acne, whiteheads, pimples and all the other skin aggravations which, however much care one takes with one’s skin, are still liable to occur now and again. (usually when you least want them.) Here is one of them that is highly recommended for you to check it out:

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  1. James Garcia says:

    everyone in our family have some very active oily skin. our secaceous glands are so damn active.,”

  2. i have a very active sebaceous gland and i realy hate my very oily skin`:;

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