10 useful tips for make-up

Here are 10 very useful make up tips that will sure come in handy. Enjoy reading and experiment with them.

  1. If you want a healthy look, use brownish blusher on your cheekbones and in the center of your forehead, under the chin and at the edges of your hairline. Blend carefully so there are no ‘tide marks’.
  2. To minimize a double chin, use shading blusher all around the jawbone, gradually fading color under the jaw line. Then apply a slightly darker shade directly under the chin and blend.
  3. If you have odds and ends of old lipsticks cluttering your make-up table, squeeze them all together in a tiny pot. Apply with a lip brush and you will have some fascinating new colors.
  4. If eyelashes look clumpy when mascara is applied, separate them with another mascara wand, clean and damp.
  5. A great way to get really thick looking lashes is to apply mascara under the hair drier. The hot air dries it very fast, so you can apply several coats in succession.
  6. Mascara brushed gently on to the eyebrows looks very natural but needs a steady hand.
  7. When using eye shadows and blushes don’t forget that the darker colors of shading minimize your bad points and the lighter colors accentuate your good points. So subtle contouring can be done using the light and shade principle.
  8. If you run out of lip gloss, use Vaseline. If you run out of face powder, use talcum or baby powder. And if you run out of blusher, blend your lipstick in the palm of your hand with a little cold cream.
  9. Always take your foundation and base down to your neck and throat and over the ears. If you don’t, you will have a different colored face and neck, which looks very odd.
  10. A child’s pencil sharpener is the best thing for keeping all your make-up pencils sharp as a needle. Only then will you the get clearest and most effective results.
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