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Eyebrows – Plucking and Penciling [Makeup Lesson Series]

Eyebrows probably give more character to a face than any other feature. By changing your brow shape you can give your face a totally new look.

Happily the natural thicker eyebrow is more acceptable today than the harsh plucked arch of recent years. Here are some makeup tips for beautiful eyebrows:

  • Never try to completely reshape brows. Always follow their natural line, and pluck only if necessary to give a better shape.
  • Pluck from underneath, but don’t be afraid occasionally to pluck a few strays from the top if they are growing wild.
  • Always use a slant-edged eyebrow tweezers – it is easier to work with.
  • If you pluck brows after a shower or bath you will find that it does not hurt so much and the hairs come out easily.
  • If you draw blood, apply a tiny bit of antiseptic lotion with a cotton-wool bud.
  • If your eyebrows have suffered from a surfeit of overzealous plucking and consequently won’t grow back, you can fill in tiny bald patches where necessary with delicate fine lines, drawn with a very sharp pencil.
  • Don’t draw an eyebrow in one arched stroke. Use light, feathery strokes that look like hairs.
  • If you have very full brows, brush a little Vaseline on them to keep them glossy.
  • If brows are very heavy and black you may lighten them by bleaching. It is wise to have this done professionally unless you have a very steady hand.
  • Never color brows more than two or three shades darker than your natural hair. This is particularly true for blonds who do not look good with heavy dark eyebrows.
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