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What to look for when purchasing moisturizer?

A major category of skin care cosmetics are moisturizers and nourishing preparations. There is a wide range of both products and of prices.

Moisturizers are valuable for all skin types. The keratinocytes of the epidermis have a high water content, but a modern environment in a centrally heated office or home means that moisture is continually being drawn out of the skin. If the keratinocytes lose some of their water content, small lines appear on the skin and it loses its youthful bloom. Most skins look better and feel more comfortable if a moisturizer is applied in the morning after washing the face. In some dry environments this may need to be re-applied at lunch time. (more…)

Stages of Cellulite development

It goes without saying that lots of women are so afraid that they may catch Cellulite. Cellulite does not happen only on fatty skin. Even people like models and celebrities which have the perfect figure that everyone admires may still have cellulite. Researches for the causes and development of cellulite are still developing and many reasons are still unknown. Many researchers categorize Cellulite into 3 stages – mild, medium and severe.


Looking for Cellulite Removal Solution? Check out the Verseo Massage system.

Most likely, you would have heard of the Verseo Epen. This electrolysis pen is able to permanently remove unwanted hair, be it facial hair, hair at your neck, back, leg or bikini line. The Epen is a real success where so many people has bought and used it. This Epen has practically made the Verseo brand well known. Following from that, Verseo has researched into other ways to meet their customers’ satisfaction. As a result, another of their big success is the Verseo massage system. (more…)

How Does the Verseo Epen Hair Removal System Work?

Do you continuously perform a similar task at least once a week? Do you find it so tiring and annoying? Yes, shaving is one of those tasks, whether is removing hair from your upper lip, underarm, eyebrows or bikini line. And do you know that now there is a solution for you? A solution that you can forget all about the daily, weekly or monthly shaving task. The solution is a brand new technology that can permanently remove your unwanted hair. (more…)

The Verseo Electrolysis Pen – clinically proven to remove hair forever!

Do you know that there is a brand-new method in body hair removal? People will find this new method not only much simpler, but it is also much more effective in giving the desired result. Unlike old days, you can now forget about the needles and the suffering pain. (more…)

Benefits of the Verseo Epen

Verseo Epen Hair Removal System

Do you think of getting rid of any of your body hair? What about hair at your face, neck, armpits, or even your bikini line? There are body areas where you need to do shaving daily, if not weekly or monthly. It is not only tedious and tiring, but it is just a continuously waste of energy and time and most likely money depends on which method you use. You might dream of having the hair gone for good, well, now you can. (more…)

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