Stages of Cellulite development

It goes without saying that lots of women are so afraid that they may catch Cellulite. Cellulite does not happen only on fatty skin. Even people like models and celebrities which have the perfect figure that everyone admires may still have cellulite. Researches for the causes and development of cellulite are still developing and many reasons are still unknown. Many researchers categorize Cellulite into 3 stages – mild, medium and severe.

Mild cellulite – The forming of cellulite is still unclear. Unless, you touch and stretch the skin, you may find hollows of the skin. You may catch mild deformation at standing, sitting or lying position.

Medium cellulite – For medium stage, then you will be able to see it clearly at places which are obvious such as legs and hips. The person might even feel slight tension pain at the skin area that has cellulite.

Severe cellulite – If it is at the serious stage, very visible skin distortions can be seen where the skin at that area becomes thick and rough. You can feel that it is rough and hard. Pressure and pain can be felt at those areas.

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The severe stage of cellulite is referred to in medical term as Lipodemia. The symptoms are puffiness at the infected area especially the thighs. One of the major cause is due to our body hormone. Thus, Lipodemia normally happens at late puberty and it may also be due to genetic reason.

Cellulite not only happens in women but also children and men. Kids are easy to catch cellulite if they are fat and over weighed, especially at the stomach area. It same goes to men that has big tummy. They too may suffer from cellulite.

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  1. I have been victim to cellulite for ages and if I have learned one thing it’s that diet and exercise is the the only actual way to reduce the appearance of it.

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