Healthy Dinner food for Beautiful Skin [Part 3 of 3]

Before you read further, you may want to check out on the morning and afternoon food for beautiful skin:

For dinner time, what is your favorite food? Are they healthy food for a healthy diet? Dinner is for most of us the big meal of the day, perhaps a family gathering or sometimes a social occasion. You may find it hard to deprive yourself while everyone else gets stuck into the chips, but if you start thinking of eating for energy, vitality and health rather than of dieting, and begin to see the results in your own body, you will soon be able to resist such temptations. A baked Potato with a little margarine, besides tasting delicious, is full of iron and calcium and less fattening than chips. (Always eat the skin of a baked potato – it is full of nourishment.)

Obviously you’re going to want to have meat sometimes for dinner, but since animal fats are particularly high in cholesterol it is best to cut off all visible fat. Turkey and chicken have fewer calories than beef or lamb, and fish has fewer still. And did you know that you can even eat spaghetti and not gain weight! Pasta, eaten as a main course with a salad, is a well balanced meal with about the same calorie count as meat and two vegetables.

An additional tip – One of the best ways I know of losing weight is to push yourself away from the table having only eaten half a portion of everything. Try it for a week – you will definitely lose pounds.

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