Healthy Afternoon food for Beautiful Skin [Part 2 of 3]

If you have read the Part 1 of A healthy day food for beautiful skin which covers the healthy morning food, then you would certainly be looking forward to find out what is the healthy afternoon food.

Let’s get started straight away. After your morning breakfast, probably by around 11am you are feeling puckish and heading for the biscuits, doughnuts and a nice cup of coffee. Try instead a hard-boiled egg, a piece of cheese, and apple or a banana (contains iron and is actually lower in calories than two biscuits).

Next, is time for your lunch, instead of a sandwich, hamburger or hot dog, have a salad. There are countless different kinds of salad, and they are all delicious, filling and nourishing. Most people’s idea of salad is a bit of limp lettuce and a soggy tomato or two, but salad making is as much of an art form as cooking, and with nearly as many variations. I truly believe that the less your food is cooled the better it is for you. Therefore, in salads, you can put practically every raw vegetable and fruit that exists.

If you must eat dessert, then have a yoghurt (great for the intestines), fresh fruit or tinned fruit without the juice.

What about teatime? Teatime is the time of day when most of us need a lift. I certainly do, and that’s when a strong urge for something sweet usually comes over me, and with my tea I will have one or two chocolate digestive biscuits. Needless to say I don’t eat them every day – but I do believe in a little sustenance around 4 o’clock. I may have some peanuts or almonds (another fabulous and natural food) or one piece of toast and honey, or some Cheddar cheese and an apple. Then by dinner time I am not so ravenous that I fall upon my food like a fugitive from a concentration camp.

When it is dinner time, wait for our next post on A healthy day food for beautiful skin.

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