Tips for taking care of your hair while shampooing

Below are important shampooing tips:

Before you shampoo, always comb your hair to separate snarls and tangles and to get rid of some of the dirt and hair spray. Never try to pull snarls with a brush or comb when the hair is wet, as this will cause breakage. Hair is slightly elastic and stretches when it is wet, so that when it dries it can snap like a twig.

To get the best results invest in a shower attachment from the chemist or hardware store (the plastic ones are quite cheap, and last for ages). This ensures thorough rinsing off of all the shampoo and makes the whole process much easier.

Different types of hair need different shampooing techniques.

Fine hair

Fine hair needs to be washed at least twice a week to keep it looking fresh and full. It is best to alternate types of shampoo, using a conditioning shampoo one day and a mild one the next.

The hair should be completely wetted with warm, never hot, water and then a small amount of shampoo, just enough to raise a lather, should be worked methodically into the scalp and hair for about 30 seconds. Shampoo only once, then rinse thoroughly. Most instructions on shampoos recommend two applications, but I believe firmly that too much washing robs hair of its natural oils. Provided you wash your hair really thoroughly, one lot of shampoo is just as efficient as two.

Once a week apply conditioner to the ends only. Too much conditioner on dry fine hair tends to make it unmanageable.

Medium hair

This hair can go for up to eight days without looking as if it needs washing. But you (or your beloved) are the best judge of that, since hair should smell good as well as looking good. It may need more frequent shampooing, especially if you smoke or are around people who smoke – smoke smells have a nasty habit of lingering in the locks.

Medium hair can take two washes and a lot of rising with lukewarm water. Use conditioner as necessary.

Oily hair

Although this is the type of hair that needs washing the most, it is best not to do so too often as this stimulates the surface of the scalp to produce even more oil.

Shampoo once or twice, trying not to rotate the scalp too much. Do not use a cream rinse or conditioner on oily hair and try to cut down on the amount of fatty and fried food you eat, as this will cause less oil to be manufactured in the sebaceous glands.

Finally, never use ordinary soap or detergent on any type of hair, as this leaves a dull film which makes the hair lank and lifeless for weeks.

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