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Proactiv solutionDue to the hustle bustle of our daily lives, our skin is the one taking its toll. Maybe you are looking for ways on how you can get rid of acne so that you can have a fair skin. Maybe you already have heard of ProActiv but you are too doubtful to try it. What you need to know then are basic facts about this product. Through based on the Proactive reviews I am providing below, you can decipher whether or not, Proactiv will be effective for you. So, here it goes…

ProActiv Solution is one of the most commonly used acne treatment solutions in the market. It is endorsed by various celebrities. The makers of Proactiv, Dr. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, claims that this is the answer to your acne problem. Regardless of the type of your skin, your age or the intensity of your acne, it can solve it for you!

How Does Proactiv Work?

Proactiv Solutions works by unclogging skin pores and destroying any bacteria that are hiding deep in your pores. As you can derive from its name, Proactiv ‘proactively’ stops acne by treating it right before it breaks out. It is the perfect combination of skin care agents and medicines mixed with the right concentrations to effectively stop acne breakouts. This is because it is hard to remove all the blemishes once breakouts occur. This is why this acne solution acts as your prevention to any possible breakouts.

This acne treatment system works in 3 steps – Renew, Revitalize and Repair. In these three steps, there are different products which you can use to achieve acne-free skin.

  • RENEW. In this stage, you will use a medicated skin cleanser packed with benzoyl peroxide. This are made with micro-crystal particles which can penetrate through your pores, killing bacteria and removing dirt.
  • REVITALIZE. An alcohol-free toner which will give you a nourished, soft and fresh skin by removing any impurities or excess oil.
  • REPAIR. A feather-light medicated lotion that is designed to deeply unclog any of your clogged pores, resulting to a cleaner and fresher skin.

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Various Proactiv products

Aside from the products which you can find in the basic acne treatment package, there are also other additional products which helps support and maintain your now cleaner, smoother and acne-free skin.

Proactiv Refining mask

A therapeutic clay face mask is made to soothe and comfort any irritations and to prevent further breakouts from occurring. This does not only give you blemish-free skin but a radiant glow as well. It also acts as an emergency pimple treatment as it can get rid of blemishes overnight with just one dab.

Proactiv Body Wash

A deep-cleansing body wash which promises a blemish-free body skin. You do not have to worry about having acne on your chest, shoulders or back anymore! It also has micro beads which exfoliates dead cells, leaving your skin clean and soft.

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